Music & Arts

Music & Arts plays a BIG role in my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. Music, Ballet, Arts, they are my forms of joy, sadness, and many other feelings that can’t be explained. They are my expressions. They are my stress outlet. I may not excel in my piano, ballet etc. But I can confidently say, I really love them.

I would also put films, movies, dramas etc on this page. Because they are also a form of art! Like for example… when you watch a sad movie, you cry. And actually somehow, your kind of “sadness” will actually get released through the tears rolling down. With movie as the excuse to cry. Well, least that is what I think  HAHAHA

Anyway, on this page, I may upload reviews and as well as pieces that I play (hopefully good enough to upload online hehehe).

Movie reviews:

Train to Busan

Me Before You