Fashion & Beauty

Looks are important! Even though people say not to judge one by his/ her looks, our looks are still important. What we wear would give our first impression on others. Having looks doesn’t just show how pretty or handsome we are, but it shows our confidence. I always feel more confident when I am well-dressed.

It is not just clothes that we are talking about here. It is also about taking care of our face, our skin! We all want those shiny, radiant and bright face just like those faces we see in Korean dramas. No one has perfect skin, even those Korean actresses make the effort in taking care of their skin! It is not just the make-ups that makes them pretty but it is the cleansing product they use to protect and improve the quality of their skin.

So on this page, I would share posts on some of the beauty products and clothes I have recently bought (and will give a review on the beauty products months later after using it).

Recently bought: