Hi everyone!
I am Jasmine, a Singaporean. Born in 1997. Currently a full-time student in SP.
I like music, dance, food and adventures🎢 OH! and TRAVEL! ✈

I look up to performers. Because it takes great effort in preparing performamce. I have this dream of creating a platform for people to perform regardless of age. 

In this fast-paced society of Singapore, studies is VERY IMPORTANT. And as such, Singapore takes up a very result-oriented education system or even workplace. For example: Children take exams for their activities (such as piano or ballet etc). 

However, taking exams is not giving them a chance to perform to a whole group of audience but instead, one person, the examiner. Although I feel that we don’t have to be a professional to perform, we can still perform as long as it is our interst, our dream. It doesn’t mean that we have to take up the professional career course of a performer in order to perform. That’s why, I have the dream of creating a platform for people to perform and a dream come true. :)