HL pg 6

wow.. oops.. hehe its been 19 days since my last post.. Really sorry for this late post!! butttt….. GOOD NEWS TO SHARE WITH ALL OF YA!!!

Last Wednesday, I had my end-treatment PET-CT scan. And on the following day, last Thursday, I visited the doctor to look at my scan results. Anddddd… It turned out to be COMPLETE REMISSION!!! (complete remission basically means all signs of cancer are gone!) YAY \0/

And very quickly, the week after my scan (which is this week), I returned back to school! yay again because I am sooooo happy to return back to school! I mean.. think about it.. having to stay home for like.. 6 months and more.. and finally i get to go back to my kinda “usual” lifestyle.. Who won’t get excited?

So basically now.. I am just getting my health back. Trying to eat healthily and staying healthy, not overworking myself, etc. And about 5 weeks from now, I will be seeing the doctor again to get blood test done. To see if my white blood cell count is back up. Or rather, my immune system. Really happy to be able to share this good news with all of you! 🙂




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