Train to Busan

OMG I TOTALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!train-to-busan-official

I never really like movies or series about zombie apocalypse. Like World War Z or those.. But I really have to give a THUMBS UP for this production. It is really good. It showed a side of humanity. Like how one can be selfless, how one can be selfish. What love can really do. What would the world be like when fighting for their own or others’ lives. A really touching movie too I would say. OH! and also!! THUMBS UP for the child actress!!! She is really good!!


Its really really sad when the male lead (playing the role of a father) died. In order to save his daughter as well as the pregnant lady they met on train, he sacrificed his hand and got bitten by that crazy selfish man. Slowly, he became a zombie, which he then decided to jump off the train and commit suicide, leaving his daughter alone with the pregnant woman on the TRAIN TO BUSAN.

But actually, I guess we can’t really blame that crazy selfish man.. because he is a human too. He just really wants to get back and unite with his mom. He was just so fearful of the zombies, he couldn’t help but save the best for himself. Even though he is really a bad jerk who pushes the train driver and the train assistants towards the zombies just so the zombies would be fed on them instead of himself. He then gets the chance to escape and run away from the zombies. But well.. he himself died in the end as well. I guess we can also say that selfishness would not get us anywhere further either. It is like saying “two is better than one”. As we all unite, we are definitely stronger than anything else at times like this. It is like a bunch of chopsticks can break a piece of thin wood but not one chopstick by itself. Works the same way for humans as well.


Really.. This movie is really worth watching! So please do watch it when you get the time to! I doubt it will let you down! Happy watching! 🙂


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