Skinfood first-timer

So I bought Skinfood products from Zalora recently (because it was on deal “buy 2 more more for 20% food”). And I was VERY attracted to the deal and took a look at the products. I have heard of Skinfood before but never really went to look at their products closely. This is my first time taking a close look at their products and surprisingly I was attracted to it almost immediately! Skinfood products are.., as suggested by its brand, products made from food! Hahaha!! And there are many products made from health food such as tomato and cucumber etc…

I bought a few products at a total price of $53.36 (discounted), free shipping (above $40) on 29 Aug 16 via Zalora… These are the products:


From left to right:

– Rice Mask Wash Off

– Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream

– Tea Tree Secret Spot Patch

– Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Emulsion


16-09-03-13-46-19-712_decoSo I received the products 2 days later on the 31 Aug. The products were all packed in a small cardboard box. Upon opening the box, the products were well-packed and  kind of “protected”.

Right at the top, it is the Zalora receipt. Followed by the products under the papers and lastly, with a yellow paper at the base of the box. Besides that, the delivery company, NINJA VAN, provided pretty well service. They sent a confirmation email stating that the parcel has been received and there was even a signature of the receiver shown in the email! (Which I personally think it is really good as I cant really trust online buying 100% yet..)

Anyway, to my surprise, INSIDE THE BOX, THERE WERE FREEBIES (woohoo!! It got me really excited! But actually it is just samples LOL!)



The samples they gave were:

– A box of Cotton pads

– Yuja water serum

– Lettuce & Cucumber watery toner

– Tomato wrinkle sun cream

– Black sugar perfect first serum (a complimentary gift which is needed to be brought to store for exchange with Name, NRIC, phone no. & email)


I cant wait to use these products! But sad news is that I cant use these products just yet because I am still undergoing my chemo period. So to play safe, I am currently keeping myself away from these products and only use mild shampoos and body & face wash for bath. But on a bright note, my last chemo will be on 5 sept 16 and few weeks (abt 2-3 weeks) after my last, I think I can start using these alr! Honestly speaking, I CANT WAIT! I hope Skinfood products wont let me down and in fact, prove their worth HEHE! I will update again and share how well their products suit to me! 😉

p.s.   a late post on these products.. but the deal is still on till 7 sept on Zalora! so get it while you can!! I am not too sure when the deal would end.. REMEMBER, buy 2 or more to get 20% off and free shipping above $40 😉


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