Me Before You


A romance film about a paralyzed male falling in love with a lady who leads a dull life but at the same time, a really cheerful character. The male-lead got into an accident 2 yrs ago and became paralyzed.  His parents then kept hiring caretaker so as to take care of him. Just at that time, the female lead just lost her job and came across the caretaker job. She was then hired as his caretaker and their love sparked from there on. However, the fact that he got paralyzed hit him hard and made him turn towards euthanasia.

My thoughts about euthanasia… Sometimes, I do think one is better off dead when he or she is suffering. But that is only when that suffering and pain becomes permanent. Of course, its heartbreaking to see someone die but at the same time, if that person thinks he or she can break free from this form of pain, then at least they would really feel much better after death, where there would be no pain anymore. It would definitely be hard for the loved ones to send them to death. But when the pain gets so hard, I think its much more peaceful for them to turn to euthanasia. Though I do think its quite of a drama for this male lead to go for euthanasia despite being full-body paralyzed cause since his brain is still functioning perfectly. But I believe there are people out there who are living in pain everyday, not being able to move etc.

Back to topic, love this movie cause it has a nice story(?) HAHA its nice to see how Will Traynor was able to make Lou Clark open her eyes as to how amazing this world is. Though I think it is really really selfish of Will to head towards euthanasia despite falling in love with Lou.

But all in all… Life is sure an amazing thing. It brings you all kinds of emotions, a roller coaster, life full of events. But at the very end of the day, it is all up to our choice on how we want to live our life. A dull one? A boring one? An adventurous one? One filled with excitement, One filled with joy, One filled with sadness… It is really up to how we look at life itself, and up to us to decide how we want to paint this life drawing of ours. As suggested by this blog title “LIFE WITH AMAZING SMILES”, I really love my life and I wanna spend it with happenings that is able to bring joy and smiles to me and my loved ones ❤ 🙂

All in all, I still love this movie. Its pretty touching and romantic hehe


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